Revenge is sweet and not always served cold

I watched him gaping at me through the grimy window as the train jerked away from the platform with a screech. I chuckled to myself as I noticed him rubbing his bum and a nearby elderly lady giving him a disgusted glance. A sweaty business man in a pinstripe suit and a balding head swayed unsteadily in front of the window blocking my view and the lights flickered as the train hurtled through the gloomy tunnel.

Sighing with a beating heart, I wondered what he thought of me now! With that very out of character impulsive reaction of mine, I was actually quite confused myself. What was I thinking?! Ah well. I smiled. What's done is done. What are the chances we'll meet again anyway. Twice was already too coincidental. Part of me was glad of the reassurance but the other felt a pang of disappointment. If only I'd acted a bit sooner and instead of that lame pinch I could have done something like at least saying hello! I sighed again and resigned myself to swaying rhythimically in the stuffy silent carriage, staring at a Flake wrapper lying on the floor. That's what I needed.


I tramped up the steps to my flat exhausted and freezing from the ice cold wind that had whipped right through me all the way here. Fumbling for my keys because my fingers wouldn't work, i finally whipped them out of my jacket pocket and in the process scattered a load of printed cards. I groaned as I stooped to pick them up.

"Ohh!" I groaned again as I realised what they were. My cheesy business cards with my grinning face plastered on every one lying all over the cement chewing gummed floor. Why did I decide to put a photo of myself on them?! Argh. I should get them redesigned soon! And you know what that brought straight back to my mind for the millioneth time. Why couldn't I stop thinking about her. And even more so now after that second encounter...Hey I wonder if she did find that card I slipped in her pocket. She recognised me on the train so maybe...well why hadn't she rung my number then? It had been at least a week! No, that was just too sleazy and arrogant...expecting her to ring the number straight away. She probably had a boyfriend anyway. Or married even! No, but then she wouldn't have pinched me if...Oh shut up! Listen to yourself!

I snapped back to reality and began picking up the cards, stuffing them back into my pocket. Unlocking the door, I sighed with relief as I dumped my case on the floor and slouched into my comfy armchair in front of the tv. I was feeling pretty peckish but I couldn't find the energy to even get up and fill the kettle. But I could really do with a biscuit and oo that really good shortbread I bought the other day. A sudden wave of tiredness and heaviness washed over me and I let my eyelids close. Wait I need to...


Was that her again? I blinked uncertainly and yes it did seem to be her. But for some reason she was wearing a rahter uncustomary white tshirt with jeans instead of the usual busines outift. Funny...She suddenly turned round to face me with that same evil grin and I resolved to walk over to her and finally make my move in the less cowardly way. This was my chance now. Fate had obviously brought us together. Just do it!

I was stunned out of my thoughts as I saw the words printed in black on her tshirt: PINCH ME. I began walking towards her thinking that I would do just that but I realised with alarm that I didn't seem to be moving. What was going on?! She began laughing at me which turned into one of those cliché evil cackles from the movies as I stayed glued to the spot.

The grating sound of a key in a lock startled me and I snapped open my eyes to see the dusty tv and last night's plate of dried beans nestled on the carpet. Groaning, I rubbed my eyes and grimaced as I tried to get the crick out of my neck. I knew I shoulnd't have let myself doze off. I turned to see Ed coming through the rather battered door in his jeans and sports jacket.

"Hey man! You look pretty wiped out!"

The End

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