'I'm such a twit!'

 People were looking from the woman on the ground to me with with a frown and rightly so. The poor woman was being helped to her feet. I stepped into the ring of onlookers to apologize, to offer any help I might be...

 'There he is! That bumbling oaf!' She stooped and picked up her purse. As she straightened she swung it with all her might for his head.

 Reflexes took over and I blocked the swinging bag with my arm. Which hurt already from the tumble. When she swung again for my midriff I didn't bother trying to prevent it and the bag connected, a slight grunt escaped from my mouth. Gathering much dignity, she raised her chin as if to look down upon me from her lesser height.

  "You need to watch were you are going young man and stop your charging around like a great lummox." And with that she turned her back and marched, lady like, to the further end of the platform.

  "Sorry." I knew she likely couldn't hear me, but somethings you just do anyway. The crowd was dispersing although I could still feel eyes on me as I walked to the closer end of the Tube platform. Now if I can just make it home in one piece with the remains of my dignity, I'll have that 'cuppa' as they say here.


  From my seat, I watched him board. It was a tight squeeze, rush hour (or two) in full swing. It was definitely him. He didn't see me which is good as my heart is hammering so hard I doubt I could have heard him. Likely I would have something very elegant to say like 'Uhh' or 'Gah' and make a complete fool of myself. Looks like skipping out of work and visiting Cindy for tea was worth it after all.

  What am I thinking! I ought to slap him for being so forward. A slight devilish smile flickers on my face. Imagine his shock if I was to just stand up do exactly that. I imagine a  little black and white movie playing through my head.

I stand up and and he turns. With rightous indignation I swing my hand and slap his cheek quite hard. 'How dare you sir!' A look of shock passes over his face, quickly replaced with a frown. I bring my arm back for another swing. He grabs my arm, then grabs me into his arms roughly. I struggle. He pulls me into a deep kiss. I struggle harder as the watchers' around us google in shock.  Then I don't care, I don't fight, surrendering into his tight embrace and passionatly kiss him back. One hand running through his dark brown hair and the other grabbing his a....

 Good Lord! What am I thinking! This isn't the 1940's or one of Mom's sappy romance novels, this is the London Tube! Oh No! We're at his stop. He's getting off! Quick do something you fool before he's gone again!


   Finally my stop. Now just a few million blocks to the flat, a few million staires up to a kettle and a cup tea. Com' on doors open already. Geez, it's so crowded at this time of day, I'll have to fight to just get off. Mental note to self; never be late again. Finally I can get to the doors and I'm free...OW!

Someone pinched me. Hard!

 I spin around and the doors close in my face. And there she is, standing on the other side of the glass with an evil smile.  My mouth hangs open, showing off my manly calm cool reserve.  No wait, the train! No! Stop! No it's pulling out and she'll be gone. I take a few steps and know it is futile. And there she goes, the train is down the tunnel and out of sight.

  Standing with my mouth open and rubbing my butt I must present  quite the scene for the other riders gathering to wait for the next train. With a smirk I turn and limp to the exit, picturing the that devilish smile on her lips. So. Do I need to be late everyday now, or be on time like the first time I saw her on the Tube?

 Hmm. Something to puzzle over tea. I can't get that look out of my head, and I don't even want to try.


The End

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