The days passed in a blur. So busy at my new job. And trying to learn all this British lingo, it was almost too much for a poor Canadian boy. And so alone. I don't know anyone here and all the co-workers go home to their wifes and husbands and kids. No time even for 'a pint' as they say here.

  But every now and again the heart would race and the stomach would jolt. A sound of a train. The lights would flicker. And he would remember that sudden moment in the Tube.

  Man I am such a coward. Without admitting it to myself I have taken different routes or left at different times just to avoid that train. I even walked home in the rain one night.

  But no more.

  Tonight I shall be a man and face the hangman's noose. I called the music so... I'll dance the tune.  I don't know what I'll do if I see her again. I seriously doubt I'll have the nerve to approach her.

  A sudden realization comes to me. What if I tramatized the poor woman! What if she was all ready too stressed and now I've broken her with my rash action! Or worse! I can feel my stomach hitting rock bottom.

  No! I will not crawl away in shame. I will face her what ever the consiquences. Even if it is pepper spray and a tazer. Or kung fu and hand cuffs.

Or perhaps another kiss!?!

Oh My God! I am a leacher!

  I still can't believe that I had done that. But what a kiss. Geez! Get that out of your mind. I know I'm a little lonely but come on! I must be stark raving mad! Some kind of pervert. Sneaking kisses from unsuspecting women on trams and in the dark. 

Take a breath. You know in your heart you'll always remember that sudden impulse. the feel of her skin when you stroked her cheek. the sweetness of her lips during that stolen kiss.

 Oh man. Perhaps I do need help. Will I still think it was worth it when I'm locked up in the Tower of London?

But she had been so beautiful... I can't decide if I feel loathing or if sneaking that one glorious kiss was worth it. It was such a glorious kiss even in her shock.

  He pauses at the entrance and looks down the staires into the Underground. With a deep breath and a squaring of shoulders, he takes a step down, ready to pay the piper for his rash mad act.

  Is that a sudden disappointment I feel, wondering whether I'll even see her again?

The End

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