Complete Stranger

   I couldn't believe I did that! My heart is still pounding and I'm already out  the Tube and on my way. She was so beautiful and looked so tired, so sad.

  Those lips so desperately needed kissing. I don't know what overcame me. I just couldn't help myself and now I start to wonder. Have I become some kind of pervert or gone over the edge. Am I mad?

  But she was so pretty and looked so sad. I wonder if she is lonely or married. I wonder if she has a boyfriend or will the coppers be banging on my door tonight.

  I almost talked to her twice but couldn't summon the final courage to break the silence. I had never seen her before and I've been traveling the route for several months now. A complete stranger! I can't believe what I've done. Again my hands start to shake. Then I think about my card I slipped in her pocket. What will she do when she finds it. Give it to her boyfriend who will hunt me down and give the thrashing I deserve?

  I am such a coward. I couldn't talk to her a simple hello even. I could barely look her in the eye and I doubt she noticed me.... well while the lights were on anyway. But her skin! And that kiss! Even in her shock it was heavenly. I hope she finds the card. Or at the very least thinks on kiss in a good way eventually.

   A sudden thumping in my chest again. Oh My God! what if I see her again in the Tube? It's a small chance we won't meet again eventually. The bottom of my stomach has dropped to the floor.

  I am almost afraid to look around the corner to my flat. Will they be waiting fo me. Will she point and yell "Thats him!" when she sees me and a dozen coppers swarm and wrestle me to the ground? A deep breath and I close my eyes asI step around the corner. Nothing out of the ordinary, the usual kids have taken shelter from the rain. My heart is pounding in my chest and I wonder is it excitement or fear.

The End

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