TT: Stand Alone [Working Title]Mature

This is really just a spin-off from Typical Teenagers, a collab started by ImprintedHeart with the characters Isobel and Elijah.

My mother had once told me that in order to be happy, first I had to accept that life wasn’t smooth sailing. I had to accept that imperfections were a part of any human being’s life and that in order to succeed I had to embrace them, work from them. Pretty crap advice if you ask me, I think she was trying to be philosophical. My mother isn’t exactly insightful though; she’s about as deep as a paddling pool, so transparent as well.

It’s a wonder how I had gone through my life the way that I did. For about seventeen and a half years I had worn a mask of happiness. Even when I was down, feeling about as low as I could, I had continued to smile. I had continued to greet everyone I met in the same cheerful manner that people wanted to see. Nobody wanted to know if I was feeling shit; they had their own lives to deal with.

But then, as corny as it sounded, everything changed with one simple person. That’s how it always is though isn’t it? Miraculously, your entire life is turned around and no longer do you live in despair and gloomy shadows, light fills every crevice of your dark mind and brings you to the surface, allowing you to breathe properly for the first time in years. This was how it was with me.

Don’t get me wrong, my life wasn’t bad before at all. I had nice friends who cared about me. My mother, even though she worked a lot, loved me and made sure that I knew this each day. I was surrounded by devotion, and yet it wasn’t enough. There would always be some part of my mind that would dwell on the negative, focus on what was missing from my life. I couldn’t figure it out; it just felt like a hollow void right in the centre of my heart.

His name was Elijah Gilbert, and he was everything I had been waiting for. I remember how in Photography I used to watch him inconspicuously (believe me, I know how creepy this sounds – I cringe at it even now), how he often appeared lost in thought, like me, how his lips might tingle with a smile at a distant thought or how the sunlight played with the lighter strands in his dark hair that fell across his forehead so attractively. I still remember the first time that we had held a proper conversation; Mrs Garrett had paired us up together for an assignment – God bless that beautiful woman – and we had clicked instantly. He was just as beautiful inside as he was outside.

Then our first kiss in the cinema, cliché setting I know, but it had been perfect. That was also the time that Tom and Chrissy had ‘come out of the closet’ with their relationship. They had hit many obstacles but had still managed to overcome them and it seemed to make them ten times stronger.

So, tell me this: when you spend your life waiting for someone and they finally arrive, how do you manage when they’re taken away so drastically from you again?

The End

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