This is when the aliens came down to Earth.

Two children were hanging out at a quarter-to-twelve in the town when all of a sudden they pass an old, abandoned theater. As they walked up the front stairs to the building, they saw through the side glass windows that it was empty and the door was unlocked, and  decided to enter when no one was looking.  

Lurking through the darkness, they were searching for the light switch to get a better look of the place. Suddenly, they heard a strange sound at the back of the stage and they were curious to see what it was.

Exiting from the back doors, they were following the noise that caught their attention. To their surprise,  they saw a UFO parked in front of a dilapidated fast food restaurant.

As they were about to enter the restaurant's doors,  a peculiar figure emerged from the toilet.  

"HELP!" Shouts one of the youngsters and starts running as fast as he can to the theater. 

"MUMMY!" Shouts the other and urinating on his pants at the same time and follows the older child to the theater.

Opening the doors of the abandoned building, the room was lightened up.

"No need for a switch now," says the older one. "Argh, what did you do to yourself?" Looking at him with shock.

"I did a pee-pee on my self, but to cover it up, I also did a doody. It didn't really help. Sorry." Apologizing to the older toddler.

When they turned to the nearest exit, the unknown creature appeared before them. "Touch," is all it said.

"It's a yahoo," the young one said, horrified.

Offended from the little ones words, it tensed itself and suppressed it's anger, responding, "In two weeks, I will come back down to this planet exactly at midnight with  an army of my kind, and I will turn this pine cone of a planet into pop-corn."

They returned to their homes as fast as they could, to tell their parents the horrifying news.

"Mum, dad? You won't believe what we saw." Panting.

"What is it honey?"

"We need to call super-man, batman and the rock to save our planet from becoming pop-corn."

"You are grounded."


"You don't come barging in at this kind of hour, and make a nut-cracker out of me with this foolish nonsense  just to escape your  punishment."

"But it's--"

"No buts, I got plenty of them. Why do you think you call me a fat bottom?"

Two weeks later.....

The aliens arrive on planet Earth. Dun dun duuuun.

The End

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