Reality CheckMature

Night fall came and Senoj was gearing up for his midnight walk towards the woods. He could not help but wonder if he was making the right choice. Is my brother really there? Was Bocaj really there? I mean, I have been having nightmares ever since my have to at least go and check. I just want my brother back. As Senoj was thinking this, he noticed a tear running down his cheek. He did miss his brother a lot, and a chance to see him again, or save him, whether sane or not, was worth going into the woods.

He grabbed his darkest jacket, and his darkest jeans to blend in with the night, for walking out past midnight was a serious crime in his town. He slipped on his boots and was about to walk out the door when he noticed another note on the table. He picked it up and looked at it closely. He noticed a familiar handwriting and his heart began to sink. On the front of the note was two words, words that made Senoj's hands tremble. "To Brother." Senoj froze for a second, Wondering if he was having another one of his hallucinations. He decided after a few minutes to open it and read it, which only made his mind more unsettled. It started with only one word, but as he read it , another one would appear on the page.

How could you brother? How could you leave me in the woods? I LOVED you and looked up to you for protection. You left me alone..cold. I hope you are happy now. The Lost One says that he wants my soul because it was meant for heaven. He said that you were too much of a coward to come and save me. He said he would give you two years to come back for me, but you ran away, you left me here. It has already been one year, and I hold on to the hope that you will come and rescue me. I was told that you are going crazy and that you would look at this note and think it was another one of your Fucked up moments, well Brother, is it? have you gave up hope, accepted my death? What ever happened to my brother who would always stand up for me and keep me safe? You must save me brother! Hurry. He is coming!

Senoj dropped the note and came to the decision that he did need to go, he had to save his brother. He would do anything to see him again. He grabbed his backpack and began to make final preparations before he departed. He put a flashlight, some batteries, his trusty switchblade, and some matches. He then grabbed his door handle and opened the door and stepped out side. Before he closed the door behind him, he glanced at the family portrait and studied his brother's face. "I'm coming for you brother." Senoj then shut the door behind him and made his way down the street, where a couple blocks away, laid the woods.

The End

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