A New Threat?Mature

"H-how did you hear what I was thinking?" The semi driver smiled, and Senoj started to actually look at the driver. His clothes were all torn, his mouth lacked any teeth, but had sharp razors instead. "Because Senoj, my name is Bocaj. We have met before, I believe it was in the woods where I took your brother's soul." Senoj began to tremble, his eyes began to twitch. His heart beat was racing. For the first time in a long time, he was afraid. "I sense your fear, good. Give it to me Senoj, feed me so I may endure this hunger. Oh, I almost forgot. Your brother is still alive. Come for me in the woods and you may find him."

Senoj was trembling when the semi driver leaned down. "Hey kid, calm down. look I already called the police. I did not see him, I swear. Would you like anything to calm your nerves?" Senoj opened his eyes and glanced at the driver, he looked like any other citizen. His clothes were neat and tidy. What is going on!? He looks like he is perfectly fine. Am I losing my mind?

Senoj got up and walked away. He wanted to go home and think. He knew that what he saw could not be real, but he wanted to be sure. When he got home, he found a note on the table left behind by his parents. He picked up the letter and began to read it.

Hey sport. Me and your mother went to visit some old friends.

We will see you in a couple of days. we love you,

Mom & Dad

Senoj laid the note back on the table and walked into his room to wait for nightfall.

The End

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