Something Lurks belowMature

"Hey freak, why can't you disappear like your little piece of shit brother?" Senoj turned around to see who or what made the mistake to talk shit about him or his brother like that. To no surprise, it was Steve Puddle. Steve was a 23 year old senior who lacked the proper skills to finish school. He would take his anger out on anyone due to a lack of humanity.

"Still having problems being an asshole I see." sighed Senoj. Before Steve could say anything, Senoj gave him one uppercut to the jaw. Steve flew up in the air and crashed down hard against the school lockers. Senoj froze with fear. H-how did I do that..I barely hit him and he flew like Chuck Norris flicked him with his finger. Steve got up, spit out two teeth and walked up to Senoj with a look of horror.

"G-get away from me you freak! what the fuck are you?!" Before Senoj could do anything, Steve burst out of the school doors and ran across the street, only to get hit by a semi passing down the busy street. "Oh your God" whispered Senoj before he ran out to check the damage. The semi had blood and guts all over the grille, and on the left hand side of the street, there was Steve's body, or what was left of it. The semi driver came out of his rig and also went to check the damages. "Piece of shit flesh bag! you just had to get in the way of me and my precious cargo." Senoj stared at the driver in disbelief. You just ran over a person, and that is what all you have to say about it? "Why do you care? He was just a bag of meat anyway"

The End

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