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Senoj, a young man who was always labeled as an outcast, has a deep dark secret. He is not a mortal.
Ever since the disappearance of his brother led him into the woods, he fell upon the plague of the "Lost One", a mysterious martyr who was silenced after he brought the truth of his church out to the public.
Now, Senoj must find the ancient relic dubbed "Tsar's Eye" that was used to break the curse in the past, and rid the world of the "Lost One" once and for all.

The air was cold and thin, the sky was a very light shade of grey. music can be heard from the Music Store on downtown east 43rd street. there was a festival going on to celebrate the execution of an old man who was responsible for many deaths in the year 1465 A.D. Not much could be researched on this old man, and details of his execution were scarce at best, but none the less, people still celebrated. Except for one person.

Senoj Relyt. Senoj was a tall teenage boy about the age of 16, who lost his little brother last year in the woods. everyone claimed that he was just hiding for the first few days, thinking it was a game of hide and seek. but Senoj thought differently. He could remember exactly how that day went, but he never told anyone. no one would believe him. He believed that a Demon tried taking both of their souls that day.

 Senoj started to walk home because the parade was a joke to him. why would people want to celebrate the death of an old man in the past, when MY fucking little brother disappeared last year? Senoj held a huge grudge on those around him. He had a great life at home. But at school, that was a different story. He was the typical victim of the "school society." He was different and people could feel it.

The End

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