.  I felt my face getting red and was thankful for the darkness.

“Uhh” Elizabeth stammered, still not moving. 

Our faces were inches from each other which was a bit awkward at first, but I liked it.  I smiled, not caring if she could see it.  We barely knew each other, but I had liked her for about a year.  Mentally I was asking myself if I should just lean up and kiss her, because we might not ever get another moment like this.  I was interrupted from my thoughts by feeling Elizabeth get off of me.


“Don’t be sorry,” I said, getting up myself.  “It’s fine.”


“No buts” I said firmly “It’s fine” and I reached up and pulled on the light.

                Elizabeth walked over to a pile of boxes and started looking around in them.  She kept letting out frustrated sighs, and I walked over to her.  I tapped her shoulder, and she dropped the box she was holding.  Apparently, I had spooked her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, bending down to help her pick up the contents of the box.

“Nothing.” She snaps.

                I just look down and continue to pick up the contents of the box, feeling like I had ruined things because she snapped at me.

                I wasn’t really paying attention when I felt something smash into the back of my head.  The last thing I remember was hearing Elizabeth yelling my name and leaning over to me before everything faded into blackness and silence.

The End

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