The AtticMature

I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom.  I had changed my clothes because I got some blood on them.  I brushed my hair, and I realized that my eyes had changed from light blue to dark blue.  Ugh why did they have to do this? It just annoyed me that they changed because people thought it was “so cool” and went nuts over it.

                My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.  My older brother opened it before I could say come in.

“You ready?” he asked

“You’re driving me?” I asked, confused.  Earlier that day, I had found out that Elizabeth’s house was about half a mile from mine, so I could walk.  I didn’t care that it was dark outside.

“Well, I’m not letting you walk in the dark, especially this time of year.”

                I groaned.  I get my brother was trying to be protective and kind of like a dad to me, but I didn’t want him to drive me.

                After a few minutes of fighting back and forth, I finally agreed to let him drive me.  As I grabbed my jacket, He grabbed my arm.

“Why do you have cologne on?” he asked with a questioning tone in his voice.

I felt my checks go slightly red as he asked this, but I just shot him I look.  He chuckled and I just walked to the car and sat there, thanking God it was dark because I felt that I was as red as a tomato. 

                We pulled into her drive way, and I noticed only two lights that I could see were on in the house.  I thought maybe she hadn’t come home yet, so I walked up and knocked on her door.  A woman in her mid forties answered, and looked me up and down.

“Who are you?” she snapped at me.

“I umm” I said softly

“I’m here to see Elizabeth.”

“Oh so your Sam!” she said, her mood instantly lifting.  I felt suspicious, but I went along with it anyway.

“Elizabeth!” the woman yelled.

“Sam’s here!”

                I heard movement upstairs then I saw her walk down the steps.  She looked upset but I could tell she forced herself to act happier.

“Hey” she said “We’ll be upstairs, I want to show him some of dads stuff.”

                The woman nodded and I followed Elizabeth up.  We reached the top of the stairs and she turned around suddenly.  Butterflies filled my stomach and I stopped moving.

“Whatever I say tonight stays here got it?” she snapped at me.

“Got it,” I say “Hey, don’t worry.  I’m not the type to spread rumors.  They’re stupid.”

                As we made our way up some steps, I realized we were going into an attic.  When we reached the top, we were still in darkness.  I could hear Elizabeth trying to reach a light on the ceiling, and failing.  It was kind of funny actually.  I walked over to where she was and reached up to turn on the light. 

                As I reached up, Elizabeth smashed directly into me, throwing my balance off.  I guess she had turned around to get a flash light and didn’t hear me come over.

                We both hit the ground with a thud and Elizabeth landed on top of me.

The End

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