The call

"Hello ?" Taylor said as she answer her phone. She hadn't even checked who was calling because one more ring and it would have gone straight to voicmail(Which she never checks). "Tay?" There was only one person who called her by that nickname and put two and two together " Brad?" She recieved jelous glances from Austin and Dylan but ignored them.  "Yah"He was silent on the other end and she knew he was at a loss of words. " I already miss you. I miss playing Mw3 with you and messing with you already!"  She broke down into sobs into the phone. Looked at each other uncomfortably "I miss you too sis".  " Hey, I gotta go I love you,Brad"She said into the phone. " I love you too" And with that they both hung up. Austin was the first to speak " Who was that?" She had never told him what her brother's name was except Adam's. " None of your bussiness." She snapped. All she wanted was to wake up and all of this be a bad dream. " I'm gonna go take a shower... Do either one of you guys know where they are?" It was a perfectly innocent question with a innocent meaning.  Since Austin only just got there last night he didn't know but Dylan said he had been there for about 2 months so he knew where to go.  She grabbed a fresh pare of underware and a new bra and towel and pajam's and wash,soap, and lotion and followed Dylan. " So Taylor..." Austin was behind them and could hear them.

The End

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