Meeting someone you already know

Taylor was waiting impatiently for the person who slept in the bed next to her so she could set boundaries. " What are you waiting on?" Taylor stiffened, Not only because the person she would be sleeping next to is a guy but she knew that voice ! Without turning around she quietly asked the name that popped into her head "Austin?" She could tell she was right by the sharp intake of breath behind her. " Who are you and how do you know my name already? I only got here yesterday." Tayor turned around so that her could see her "Taylor?"She only nodded and he quickly traveled from behind her bed to her side. "Why are you here?"  She told him how she was here and he nodded his head simpethetically. "Austin, Why are you here ?" He told her that his mom and dad died in a car crash and he didn't have any other family member's except a little sister that was younger than him and slept on the bed to his right (He is in the middle). Just then another guy showed up and looked at Shanna "Hey" Shanna looked from Austin to the guy. He looked about 13 (Taylor's age) and had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscles you could tell from football. Taylor blushed and said a timid hi. " My name is Dylan" Taylor blushed again and smiled at him " I'm Taylor" Austin moved closer to her and now their thighs were touching and she blushed (again). Taylor's cell rang and she jumped and ran to answer it "Hello?"

The End

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