Moving out

 Brad looked at Taylor and she finally looked at her with her tear filled eyes. "Taylor why are you moving out?" She sobbed as she told him about the conversation she had with Monica just minutes before. " W-Will you take me to say goodbye to everyone?" He nodded his consent and went to go start the car. When she entered the hallway her other brother Kurtis hugged her tight after hearing her and Brad's conversation. After saying goodbye to her whole family Taylor went back to packing in her room with the doors locked. Nobody even tried to come in but she could hear them talk. " Why are you giving her away?" "Change your mind" "Get a job" but Monica stood with her resolve. After finishing packing she spent the rest of the day on her iPhone texting her closest friends the bad news and making them swear not to tell anybody, It was to embarrsing and shameful. Soon after her friend tried to make her feel better she dozed off. " Taylor get up we have to leave" She looked around for her suit case and Monica replied "I already had the boys take them to the car" Tears welled up again but she refused to let them fall again. After arriving to D.C.F they put her in the system quicker thatn she had hoped they would. Soon she had a bed next to some stranger she didn't even want to know!

The End

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