Telling her

" Taylor I can't keep you any more I'm putting you back up for adoption... I'm so sorry" Monica said looking straight into Taylor's face not daring to look away. "W-What?"Taylor asked. Tears quickly sprung in her eyes and Monica moved to hug her. " Don't touch me" Taylor growled at her. " I can't believe I believed you when you said you loved me like a daughter !" Taylor yelled at her."Taylor...." Monica had resolved to not cry because it would be harder on both of them "Why...?" Taylor asked in the middle of her sobs.Monica knew she was going to ask that question and had a answer ready "I can't afford it any more with me getting fired and not getting a job back." Taylor looked up her eyes red and puffy " When do I have to leave ?" Monica cringed at the question she hated to answer " Tomorrow" Taylor's eyes widened in shock and fear as realization hit her."Tomorrow? " She let out a choked sob. " How much stuff do I get to keep of mine?" Monica  hadn't expected that question " All of it of course I bought it for you" Taylor  nodded her head and asked for Monica to get out so she could pack. Brad,Taylor's brother came in the room " What are you packing for Tay ?"Brad walked over to her suitcase and all of the stuff that was in it, Taylor hadn't answer him. " It looks like your moving out" He joked lightly " Thats because I am" He stopped laughing and turned to her face her. 

The End

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