Trying to get Home.Mature

dark and dreary she grows weary.

the thoughts and feelings,are very scary.

thoughts provoke actions.

those actions are as second nature now,

she has no control,no power.

darkness overwhelms,as the water sounds.

dread fills her head.

her heart is breaking..

as she looks at her reflection-envisioning the mirror breaking.

the tears will fall,

as she takes the cold blade to her arm.

hoping that this time it will be the last,

wanting for it to be the end,

not wanting to suffer on this earth anymore.

longing for home...

she only wants to be at rest,

consumed with peace,love,and joy.

she knows the one who can give her it all..

just is at loss for how to wait and be patent.

she is only trying to simplify the life of others.

The End

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