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Raine was slow to answer, which was typical. He was one to try to think of every angle of a problem before giving an answer. "I would be upset, at first. But if the mother really doesn't want me to be involved, I would back off. Of course I have to make sure they are ok and have support. I would leave my contact information with her so if something happened or if the child wanted to meet me someday they could get in touch with me. I hope that never happens though." He looked at me with a raised eye brow, and I knew he was thinking the same thing as me.

The waitress returned to refill our drinks. I waited until she left to say, "Well I really have no idea what I would do. But out of all of us, I think you will handle it the best way possible. That's just what you do man. You get relationships and shit. I trust you."

Trent started to say something and then our food arrived. He sighed instead and shrugged. We all had played it safe and ordered pancakes and sausage. Of course Mr. Fussy Pants Paul had a side of fruit and wanted sugar-free syrup. The waitress frowned at him and went to get it with a mumbled comment under her breath. The pancakes were surprisingly good, but the sausage was tough. We shoveled it all in anyways since we were starving from the show.

"Oh hey guys. I forgot to mention Travis called earlier today. He wants to know what our plans are for our break before the summer tour. What do you think?" Raine asked us after taking a drink of coffee.

"I don't have anything to do or anyone I want to visit. Why don't I fly out to L.A. with Raine and give him a hand with the details?" I said. I just saw my family at the holidays, and that visit still lingered like a bad taste in my mouth. Sometimes distance was a good thing.

"Sounds good to me. I will want to take off for a couple of weeks to go visit my mom, but after that I'm game," Paul agreed. His mom was awesome - I would rather see her than my own. She often opened her home to us when we had down time. Paul was lucky to have someone so warm and supportive.

Trent played with the leftover syrup on his plate before answering. "Yeah I guess. It'll give me some time to think about things," he mumbled. It was decided that when our final gig was done next week, Raine and I would fly to L.A. while Paul went to visit his mom. Trent would go with him, since she always had such good advice to give.

I hoped she could help him, because without our bass master at peak power our summer tour would suck hairy balls. After the tour we really needed to hit the studio, because the record label was going to drop us if we didn't put out more profitable music. We argued a lot whether that would really be a bad thing, since they seemed to suck every drop of profit out of us anyways. But still we can't argue with the need to draw a larger crowd to our music - money was money after all. I sighed as I paid the bill and we left the restaurant. I just hoped everything would turn around . . . for all of our sakes.

But I knew the next few months were going to be hard for me anyways because Sophie's band was touring with us this summer. I knew that was the major reason I felt depressed all day.  I was seriously dreading being around her again. It was silly to be upset after all this time; she dumped me five years ago.  Back before we were rockers, way back when we had no clue what the hell we were doing - we just knew we wanted to make music.

We were together for five months before she broke my heart before leaving town on her first tour. And she never looked back. I climbed into my bunk on the band bus as we pulled out on to the interstate. I tried to force myself to go to sleep, but I knew I would just dream about her because I always do anyways.  The feel of her soft, warm body snuggled against mine and the smell of her shampoo seemed to crawl back into my head every night - like a ghost haunting my sleep.  Love was a bitch.

The End

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