Let the Games Begin Part 2 - AllisonMature


        Allison lay on her stomach, chin resting on an open palm, waiting for her two best friends to return from the depths of her monstrous walk-in closet. She had opted out of clothes hunting, and they were quite fine with finding her something to wear also. They would have done so anyway, even if she had gone with them. She could hear them laughing from what seemed like a far distance and she smiled to herself. Oh, how they loved her closet, and why wouldn’t they?

         Walking in there was akin to stepping foot into a department store … where everything was already paid for. Every brand anyone could ever imagine filling that room in the form of T-shirts, blouses, jeans, skirts, shoes, handbags, jewelry and she could go on forever. Her mother’s doing.  She had been the one to stuff that room with possessions Allison couldn’t care less about. What her mother was trying to do was a mystery and precisely why Allison chose to stay out of there for the most part and another excuse for her friends to look at her like she was crazy.

        Sarah and Liz chose that moment to come back into the room, still laughing, saving Allison from her own thoughts.

       “How fair the hunt?” Allison asked, switching palms, and resting her chin on it again.

        Liz beamed at her, showing off those straight, never braced, teeth. “Fruitful indeed, milady.” She responded, gliding over to dump the contents in her arms on the bed beside Allison, Sarah followed suit. “I think you’ll like what we picked for you, and most importantly, I think this English hottie will too.”

        “Totally,” Sarah chimed in. “What did you say his name was, oh wait, you didn’t. Spill.”

         Allison smiled and said, “Jared.” Sarah and Liz both paused in the middle of arranging whatever bounty it was they had collected, and then so in sync it was almost scary, looked at each other.

        Something seemed to pass between them before Liz slowly said, drawing the words out, “Jared, huh, and you said he was English?”

        When Allison nodded, not understanding what was going on in front of her, Sarah said to Liz, “It could be a coincidence. But then again, what are the odds?”

        “The odds of what exactly?” Allison asked, still not able to grasp the meaning of what they were talking about.

        Sarah and Liz continued with the weird stare down thing until Liz finally said something, “Nothing, hon. We were just trying to figure something out.” Obviously, Allison thought. Allison and Liz both knew that she had just skirted around Allison’s question but Allison decided to ignore it.

        “Let me see what you brought back.” Allison said, leaning forward.



        Allison stood in front of the floor length mirror, admiring the feat that was brought upon by Elizabeth Montgomery, while Liz and Sarah did the same. The girl really was gifted. The mini dress Allison was wearing, was one she had never seen, tag still attached and all, until Liz had ordered her up and off the bed, and closed her into the bathroom with it and the rest of her ensemble for that night.  

        The mini sported a cream upper half made of lace, that swooped low front and back, but not low enough to expose her chest. From there the waist hugged her tight which led to a black skirt that petalled outwards towards the bottom. It was a very hot dress, and Allison had to admit that she looked very hot in it.

        “Girl, you make that dress.” Sarah said, her and Liz circling her, already in their partying clothes, observing their handiwork. 

        “She sure does.” Liz said, suddenly across the room, bending over in front of her vanity. She came back, carrying with her a clip, some hair pins and a comb. “Now, it’s time for the hair.”

        Liz came up behind Allison, grabbing up her hair. Allison watched silently as Liz teased her hair into a high bun. Wisps trailed from the sides and back of her head, in a way that screamed, “feminine”.    

        Liz stepped around Allison and came to stand in front of her, hands on hips. “I think I’ve done well. Can I trust you to do your own makeup?”

        Allison rolled her eyes but was smiling all the while, “Yes, mom. You can definitely trust me to do my own makeup.”

        “Good. Now get going, I’ve gotta find you some shoes.” Liz headed back into the closet, mumbling to herself. Allison looked at Sarah, and after a moment of just staring at each other, they both started laughing quietly.

         “That’s Liz for yah, folks.” Sarah whispered, still chuckling quietly. “But she sure does know how to work some magic.”

         “Yeah, she does.” Allison said, playing with the bottom of her mini. “You look good too, Sarah.” She really did. She was wearing a peach colored mini, with her long hair in a braid over her shoulder, and a three or four inch heel that was being worn more for style than for a need of height.

         With Sarah and Derek being twins, she really did look a lot like him. Just in a more … girlish way. Sarah was a traditional kind of pretty, with her button nose and a mouth any girl would kill for, and any guy would fight for, like a doll come to life. Her hair was a beautiful, soft, blonde color unlike Derek’s darker shade. Her eyes were green and a lighter shade but the resemblance was clear an unmistakable.

        Their bond was too, Allison could swear that they could communicate mentally, with them always knowing what the other was going to say before it was said. After a while of being around them it was normal and commonplace, but to a stranger it was understandably more so on the creepy side. Like when one of them suddenly started laughing at something the other had “said”, out of nowhere, or when a conversation that had been going on longer than what observers had seen, was suddenly picked up midway. Allison loved them, especially together. But they took some getting used to.

        Sarah smiled, “Thanks.”

        Liz came in at that moment, four inch, checkered, black and cream pumps in hand. “Why isn’t your makeup on yet? You should have been done by now.” Liz gave her a bland look, as if to say, “Now you see why I don’t put my trust in you.”

        “Go over there and sit down, if you would.” She said, pointing to the vanity. “I gave you the chance to do it yourself, but now you don’t have a choice and I’m doing it for you.” Allison did as she was told and sat down at the vanity.

        “Did you text Jared yet and let him know that we’re driving you?” Allison nodded, but  couldn’t help noticing the strange lilt to Liz’s voice as she called Jared by name. She had sounded almost … familiar with it, with him. But that wouldn’t make any sense, she told herself. It was nothing, you’re imagining things.

        Instead of questioning, Allison nodded again and said, “Yeah, he was okay with it. He sent me the address.”

        “Great.” Sarah said, crossing the room with a natural grace, settling herself on the wall by the balcony door. Liz put the pumps down next to Allison’s feet, after crossing the room with her own kind of grace. A dancer’s grace. Even after Sarah and Allison had both dropped out of their first ballet classes. Dismissed them as a passing phase, one that all little girls go through, Liz had not. She had found herself instead, and kept at it. Bettering herself, pushing herself until she was the best of the best, and she was.

        Allison thought it odd, but she was finding that each one of her best friends were more attractive than average and Liz was most definitely and without a doubt, more attractive than average. With skin that was tinted with a light bronze, chestnut brown, curling hair, past her shoulders and a pair of eyes that were a baffling shade of amber, Liz was an exotic and rare beauty. Her mother from somewhere in the heart of Africa and her father a French American, Liz was a beacon of culture. One with a whole lot of personality to boot.

        “You’re gonna knock him dead when I’m finished with you. Don’t you worry.” Liz said, proving Allison’s point.


       After the three of them had verified their fabulousness, Allison was shoed and Derek was collected, they were ready to be on their way.

        “So where are we headed?” Derek asked, all four of them making their way to Derek’s monster of a truck.

        “We’ve got the address. Thank God for GPS Systems. Where would we be without them?” Sarah asked.

        “I call shotgun!” Liz suddenly yelled out, running for the truck. How she was doing such a thing in those heels, Allison had no clue.

        “Oh, no you don’t!” Sarah called back, racing after her. Soon Allison and Derek were left in the dust.

        Allison smiled over at Derek, “What are we gonna do with those two?”

        Derek smiled back, running a hand through his hair, “You know, I was just going to ask you the same question. So obviously I have no idea.” They both laughed, knowing it was true. Derek looked over at her again, still smiling faintly, but didn’t say anything that time. There was something strange in his eyes. But no, she had seen that look before, many times, but had never in all those times been able to place what it meant. But nevertheless, some part of her must have known exactly what it was because a fiery blush suddenly heated her cheeks. She looked away, having no idea where the reaction had come from.

        “Hey,” Derek said softly, “I know I didn’t tell you earlier, but you look amazing in that.” He looked her over, and something about the way he did it, made it physically impossible for her to analyze it as a look a “friend” would give another “friend”. That dreaded blush rose up again.

        “Thanks.” She said, not looking at him, but knowing his eyes were still on her.

        “Yo!” Sarah called from the shotgun window of the truck; how she managed that will always be a mystery. “Can we get it movin’ here? Don’t we have a party to be at?”

        “Coming!” Allison called, already hurrying to the truck. Or was she really hurrying from something else, from someone else? Before she could get far at all, a hand grasped hers, tugging her back.

       “You okay, Bunny?” Derek asked, but that look was still in his eyes and she thought she was beginning to understand what it really meant, what was under the surface … and she wasn’t sure that she was ready for that.

         She gently slipped her hand out of his, “All good here, we should get going.”

        He stared silently at her for a moment, and at one point he opened up his mouth as if to say something, something she knew she wouldn’t know how to handle, but instead he just nodded and they bridged the gap between them and the growling truck.




The End

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