Panicking ... or Faking It- AllisonMature

          The climate inside the fast-food restaurant was significantly colder than what it was outside. Happy she brought her hoodie she still rubbed her arms for warmth. As she walked in she stuffed her hands into the front pockets of her jeans. She hastily pulled them out, reminding herself that that was an Allison habit, not one of Elizabeth’s.

         A column blocked her view of the cash registers so she couldn’t see who would be taking her order. She desperately hoped it wasn’t a dude. Guys always stared at her in ways that made her feel like they could see under her clothes. That was a reason for wanting Derek to be there. Whenever he caught one of those looks he fired back a comment that always seemed to make the whoever it was in whatever situation want to run for the hills. Which was always cause for a good laugh later. And besides a guy could undo her whole Elizabeth act.

        She derailed the train of thought before it could get any more negative and resolved herself to not let anything destroy what she had already painstakingly decided to do. She wasn’t backing down just yet and she knew she would feel proud of herself afterwards.

          She stepped around the column after another deep breath and came face to face with what could shove all her brave words back down her throat. What she saw in front of her was a guy. A guy that was so ... gorgeous, Allison forgot how to breathe for a few seconds.

        When she was in control of her lungs again, she was able to think that she couldn’t believe that a guy that beautiful was working at a freaking Dunkin’ Dounuts and wasn’t on the cover of Expression magazine. Expression happened to be the hottest male modeling agency in all of Pennsylvania. 

          He had the blackest hair she had ever seen that was in a tussled mess. But the mess was so adorable it didn’t matter how much of a mess it was. It looked as if he had just had time to run a comb through it once. His face was … oh his face! The boy had been blessed with the looks of a Roman god. High chiseled cheekbones. A strong, perfect nose. Full passionate lips … when she found herself staring at his mouth she snapped herself out of it. She brought her eyes up to his and found that they were … all she could say was that they were very blue and not unlike her own.

       She mentally slapped herself. How could she have let herself stand here and practically drool over this guy? This wasn't like her ... But when she really did look at him, she was shocked to see that it seemed as if he had taken just as long to check her out as well. He looked at her and gave her a smile that filled her whole body with warmth. She noticed two killer dimples and almost fainted. How much more perfect could this guy get?

          She walked the rest of the way to the counter having totally forgotten her Liz thing. She had been stripped completely of her resolve and had to fight her feet from turning the other way on their own.

        Her stomach churned uncomfortably inside her. Her vision seemed to go in and out and her breath was hitching. She hoped that he couldn’t hear the rapid beating of her heart. It was beating so fast that she was sure it was going to burst. This was a bad idea. The worst she’d probably ever had. What was she going to do? Her voice felt as if when needed, nothing would come out but a raspy whisper. Oh God, please let this be over quickly.

          He smiled at her again before he asked the dreaded question that Allison had been waiting for. “Can I help you?” he asked pleasantly and it was a slap in the face to hear an English accent come tumbling smoothly from his lips. Could there really be anymore odds against me, she thought. She had always been a sucker for English boys. But what American girl wasn’t?

          But nevertheless quite a few responses filled her head like, you can let me walk out and forget I was ever here? And things like, you cannot laugh at me when I end up not being able to respond to your simple but perfectly spoken question. She knew her mouth had glued shut but her need to not make herself look stupid in front of this guy overwhelmed that.

        She swallowed her fear and clasped her trembling hands together on the counter in front of her. Slowly she called on her inner Elizabeth. The girl with the blood pumping smile from before. That Allison smoothly took the place of the other and she felt her resolve snap back.

          She flashed him a dazzling smile of her own, she had meant to throw him off and knew that she had by his startled expression at it, and slid her hands into her front pockets anyway, hoping it would aid her in feigning indecision. She looked up at the hanging menu knowing exactly what she wanted. She was quite a fan of the place. “Yes you can, actually,” she said as coolly as she could manage. 

The End

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