Sweet Treats and Insecurities-AllisonMature


                         The pencil that had been targeted at the lamp on a dresser across the room had missed its target to Allison’s displeasure. She groaned and sat up on the bed. What was one to do when there was nothing to do on yet another boring summer day? Derek, her jock of a best friend was away on vacation in the Pocono Mountains and she had no idea when he'd be back. Sarah, Derek’s sister as well as Allison’s friend had decided not to tag along with her family and was probably deep the world of artistic brilliance at the moment. Elizabeth, who was another member of Allison’s small circle, was either at the mall shopping until she dropped, literally, or holed up in her at-home dance studio drilling herself until she was immobilized from fatigue. Allison had been a witness of both and did not wish to be again.              

          Allison groaned once again and dropped her head into her hands. She just wanted something to do to get her mind off not really having anything to do. It made her feel boring. She stood up and decided to head for the kitchen. She was craving something sweet. She peeped her head through the kitchen doorway looking for Jenna, one of her house’s personal chefs, but didn't find her.

      She decided to scrounge up something on her own for a change. The kitchen she stepped into was massive. With pristine marble flooring and gleaming granite counters. A whale of an island was positioned in the middle of it all. Allison pried open the sterling silver refrigerator and checked out what she had to work with. The food stock never got too low in the Gilbert household but she still didn't see anything that would make a worthy snack.  The problem was more that she couldn’t exactly put a finger on what she was craving at the moment. She shut the refrigerator door with a sigh and leaned her head against it.

          Her head popped back up almost slamming into the fridge’s handle. She knew what it was that she wanted. She raced back up the stairs and grabbed her aqua blue hoodie out of her room, glad to finally have found an occupation of time. Shoving her arms into the sleeves she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her reflection stared back at her. The same familiar features that she saw every day. She examined her dark brown almost black hair that draped past her shoulders and was slightly curled. Her elfin like nose and chin. Her strong, but at the same time, delicately shaped cheek bones and a jaw no one could deny was anything but stubborn.                                                                                                                      

      She sometimes couldn’t help looking herself over. Trying to find out what it was so many people had told her was beautiful. Of course, she could never see what it was they were talking about. She drew her eyes down her slim but  shapely body. Her delicate, fine fingered hands. Then her long legs, one of her best assets she admitted to herself. She had always been tall but so were all of her friends. No matter how few they were. She looked herself in the eyes. Not surprised to see the two brilliant blue gems staring back. If she looked at herself long enough, she thought, then maybe she could see what people saw. She didn’t but maybe what she needed was convincing. She sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day and headed out the door to her car.                                                               

       She smiled at seeing it again. It was a thing of beauty and her first car. Her father had bought it for her right after she received her driver’s license. When she had come outside to see her father leaning against his porsche, her driver's license in hand and an impossibly huge grin on her face, he had just smiled and ordered her into his car. Fifteen minutes later they were pulling up into the BMW dealership. Allison had barely been able to keep herself from bouncing in her seat. She had looked over at her dad and he had nodded. A smile still plastered on his face. She had a huge selection to choose from but she already knew what she wanted and waltzed straight to it.

          The convertible of her dreams had stood before her. The car she was now getting into and gunning the engine. She backed out of the garage without a hitch and hit the open road. She had always considered herself a good driver and made sure she proved it every time she was behind the wheel.

She obeyed all traffic signals with no exceptions. Even slowing down, sometimes stopping at yellow lights even though she could have made it through the intersection. But she always had thought of herself to have a minor case of OCD, this was one of the places it showed.                                                                

           A few minutes later she pulled into the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot. She started toward the drive through but seeing as it was already brimming with customers she just sucked it up and parked the car as near to the door as she could. Being forward thinking was one of her greatest talents. She knew she should be able to dash to the waiting car if she made a fool out of herself inside. Talking to strangers had never been one of her strong points. Even if the stranger was just a cashier waiting for her to just tell them her order so they could move on to the next customer.

          Especially when it was a guy. Things were easier when she had someone like Derek or Liz around so they'd order for her. Sarah was more like her parents who thought it was about time she grew up and out of her shyness and gave her the cold shoulder in situations like these. Her favorite thing to say was, “Someone as smokin’ as you should be getting stuff for free in stores and stuff, just for letting them lay eyes on you, male or female.”                                                                                                                

           Her response to that one was always an eye roll, but she could never keep herself from breaking into a grin. Allison decided to pretend she was Elizabeth who basked in the attention that was always given to her. Liz was no doubt one of the prettiest and most confident people she knew.

          She could probably talk her way out of anything with her hair flipping and dazzling smiles that were known for making people forget what their name was. Allison aimed the rearview mirror at herself and tried on one of Liz’s killer smiles. To her surprise it fit perfectly. Maybe even better than it did on Liz. She immediately cursed herself for even thinking it. Where was her head? Not hers, she corrected herself, Elizabeth’s. She slapped on the smile a few more times until it seemed natural and not uncertain and panicked.

          She threw in a hair flip just once and was amazed with the transformation. Maybe what people say is right, she thought. She forced herself to stop for fear of being seen and thought to have escaped from an insane asylum. She hopped out of the car. Allison took a deep breath before she opened the door. She thought of happy things and what victory felt like. Then shook her head at herself for having to give herself a pep talk to go into a fast food restaurant. Head high she walked in.


The End

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