The CrashMature

This is only mature because as it goes on, it gets a little more graphic and curses.
I'm still working on writing, and this is a work in progress (it's not done like my first story was before I posted it)
I tend to give up on things a lot. So if you want more of the story posted, -tell me-.

I sighed and flopped into the passenger seat of my car.  I had wanted to try to talk to this girl in my church class named Elizabeth.  She was so pretty and nice.  She had been looking at me at one point and I caught her and smiled but she looked away, seeming embarrassed.

“I take it that it either didn’t go well, she left before you could talk to her, or her friends were with her the whole time” My older brother, looking over at me.

“She left before I could even say hi… she seemed on edge and I noticed she kept looking down at her arm and shaking her head…”

I sighed again and we drove out of the parking lot.  It was early evening in the beginning of the fall, so it was still a tad bit light out at seven when we got out.  We were driving along kind of fast, as my brother wasn’t exactly the lowest driver on the planet.  Plus the fact that we were on back roads that very few people used as much as we did.  We came around a turn and I noticed a car about fifty feet away on its roof in a ditch.  My brother slowed down.

Instantly, panic came over me. It was her car.  I jumped out and my brother tried to stop me but I just ran over.  Elizabeth had just crawled out and was bleeding from her arm and had scratches all over her, and was crying.

“He… he flipped the car…” she stammered.

“Who did it?” I asked immediately.

“My dad…” She answered back quietly.

“Why?” I asked, kneeling down next to her.

“He was mad at me.  We’ve been getting into major fights and he even called me the b name and said f you at one point.”

                I stayed there with a dumb founded look on my face.  I heard the ambulance and cops coming and I could tell Elizabeth wanted to stay as far away from them as possible. 

                I sat back in my car as I “wasn’t allowed near the patient for safety reasons” which was complete bull crap.

I was sitting there thinking about everything that had just happened when someone tapped on my window.  I looked up, startled.  A cop was standing there.  I jumped out and he started talking to me.


“Hi young man, we’d like to ask you exactly what happened in your eyes.”

“Okay… Umm where do you want me to start from?” I asked.

“From the beginning.”

“Well,” I started “I had just left from a church class and was on my way home.  My brother and I were driving along and I saw the car flipped on its roof.  My brother stopped and I went down to see if anyone was out yet and I saw Elizabeth was.”

“Wait, how do you know the girls name?  I never told you it.” The police officer said, seeming suspicious.

“She goes to my church class… we usually see each other there and I saw her name on the sign in sheet once.  Plus her friends always say her name there, so I knew her name.”

As I said this I was mentally whacking myself.  If she knew I knew her name let alone liked her, she was going to think I was a stalker freak.  The cop thanked me and walked off to go find my older brother to get his side of the story.  I looked over at Elizabeth who was sitting alone in the ambulance, looking a combination of worried, fearful and sad.  I then realized that I hadn’t seen any sighting of her dad.  I looked around and then I saw a body lying on the side of the road, covered by a tarp.  Sadness instantly overcame me as I remembered losing my mom when I was younger.  Then my dad left me with my older brother and went off to get drunk every night with whatever girlfriend he had that day.  Thank God he moved far away or it would be really bad if I saw him at all.


I walked over to Elizabeth even though I was supposed to stay away from her for “safety reasons”.  She looked up at me and I just looked at her with sadness in my eyes.

“He was one of the worst people on the earth, yet I’m still sad he died.  Why?  I just want to know why…”

“You’re sad because he was your dad.  Regardless of what he did to you, he was still your dad and you still love him deep down inside your heart…” I felt myself getting emotional and I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t.

“Trust me, I know.”

“What do you mean you know?” she questioned.

I looked down at my feet “I just do.”

“But why?”

I sighed, still looking down at my feet “My mom died when I was little, my dad left cause he’s a freaking drunk jerk who can’t keep a commitment for more than a day” I felt myself getting angry.

“Quite frankly, I’d be glad if I never even knew him…” I mumbled under my breath.

                Elizabeth looked up at me.  I didn’t look up from my shoes, but I could feel her eyes on me.

“What?” I mumbled.

“Do you wanna come over later?” she asked shyly.

I looked up at her, mentally exploding with happiness “Sure”.

                She smiled and so did I.

“I’m Elizabeth.” She said, putting her hand out.

“Sam.” I said, shaking it.

The End

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