Squeeze, don't pull.Mature

The next day Jones went out to buy himself some wine. Now when I say some, I mean 15 bottles of red wine.
Jones spent the next hour taking cork after cork out trying to get it perfect. He twisted and pulled and scratched at the bottles.
'Whatcha doing?' Someone said behind him. Jones turned to see Brad standing in his apartment.
'I want to take you on a little trip.' Brad said, holding out a gun. He smiled at Jones.

*          *         *

'Shouldn't I have handcuffs too?' Jones complained to Brad when they stood facing a necklace of beer cans that had been strung together in front of them.
'Sorry, partner. Only got one pair.' Jones looked disappointed, but at least he could have a gun.
'And don't you think we should drink them first?'
'No.' Brad looked at Jones with annoyence. 'You never hit them that way.'
Jones drew his gun out of the belt he had been given, loaded it then pointed it at the cans.
'Thats it. Steady. Keep an eye on it. Now, what are you going to do?' Brad encoraged.
'What are you not going to do?'
'Beautiful. Whenever you're ready.'
Brad moved away and let Jones take the shot. Jones pulled the trigger and the force of it made him land on his bum with a thud.
'Perfect. You squeezed.' Brad chuckled.

The End

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