'C'mon! I've got something to show you!' Jones said excitedly to Lisa. He took her by the hand and dragged her into his kitchen. 'What is it?' She said, eyeing him suspisiously. 'Tada!' Jones opened his cupboard to reveal a few dozen glasses all arranged with such percision and care. Lisa laughed. 'Beer?' Jones offered. 'No. This is a special occasion. This calls for wine! I've got a bottle I've been saving. You have a corkscrew, right?' 'Damn.'

Jones struggled opening the wine with Lisa's corkscrew. He tried pulling it, twisting then pulling and then just twisting. Nothing worked. 'Give it here.' Lisa took it from him and undid the bottle in one fluid motion.
And thats how it started, she opened the wine and poured... and poured and poured and poured. She spoke non-stop. Jones didn't say much, he was happy to listen to her speak. He looked at her contently, but he wanted to do something more than just look.
Eventually she said a drunken goodbye and left Jones in his apartment.

The End

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