Red RoomMature

Jane stood alone in her red room, sipping the cool can of beer. She was looking at the pictures of that day, one of that dog that looked like a fish, one of an old woman giving Jane the evils, one of... Jones, sitting on the roof. She hung it up, not taking her eyes off it. Sipping more, she got out a packet from her pocket. She lit one match quickly and held it under the photo. Why wouldn't it burn?
'SHIT!' She had held onto the match too long. She dipped her burning fingers in her icy water. Then she looked up and just simply looked at Jones' photo.

Jane picked up her phone still sucking her fingers, she dialled number 5 speed dial.
"Hey this is Steve. I'm not here right now..." She didn't want to hear anymore and hung up on the answerphone. Jane collapsed on her bed.

Jones stood outside room 2c waiting, then knocking, then he waited some more.
'Hi.' He said to Jane as she opened the door. 'I'm Jones, your neighbour from down the hall.' He said awkwardly.
'I think we're past that.' She said to him.
'Right... Anyway, I notice you take pictures, and I can't seem to figure this out so would you help me?' He held up his camera.
She took it off him and fiddled with it.
'I don't know much about them. Is this one any good?'
'Yeah. Its fine. Fine if you're going to Disneyland with a wife and kids.' She smiled at him.
'Well, I guess I'll have to plan a trip then... And a wedding.'
'Here. Point and shoot.' She gave it back to him.
'I'm Jane, by the way.'
'Bye, Jones.' She shut the door in his face.

The End

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