Not sure....Mature

Dear Dad, Jones began again.

I'm settling into apartment life just fine.  I know it was more your style to move around a lot, place to place. But I think I'll stay right here for now, it seems everytime I turn around I make new friends.

After much tapping and typing about his day, he pulled the paper from the typewriter and put it into his case in the corner. He just stood looking at his case for one minute longer, all the letters he had ever wrote to his father were in there. Jones couldn't see the bottom of the case it had so many letters, he wondered if he would ever be able to give at least one of them to his father. He shut it.

Sitting on the roof Jones watched Janes blue car roll up and stop outside. He lifted the cigarette he was holding and breathed in the smoke. Jane stamped along the path and up the steps. She didn't look too happy as she seached for her key. Jones waved to her when she looked up. She got out her old camera, again, and took another picture of Jones. Jones shrugged off his puzzlement as Jane walked inside.


'Oh darling, darling, how I've waited for you. Each day a century, centuries longer than the ones before. And it wouldv'e been... been...' Lisa looked to Jones.
'Almost bearable.' He corrected.
'And it wouldv'e been almost bearable if just once you had written me a letter to let me know you were still alive.' She rehearsed. 'And that your love for me was still alive too.'
Jones made eye contact with her.
'How could I have known you lost both your arms in battle?' She continued then looked at him.
'Damn you. Haven't I told you to never speak of that? Never.' He said quickly.
'Don't, you foolish, proud man. Don't you see it doesn't matter anymore?' She sat down next to him.
'You can still touch me. Still a heart to love me. Still lips to kiss me. You can touch me without arms, and I need you to, darling, deperately.' She leaned in closer.
'Touch me. Touch me right.' Jones almost did, he felt she really was talking to him, not just someone on a page, until she said, 'Blah, blah, blah. Its crap.' She shut her eyes.
'You're good.' Jones encouraged.
'Really? I mean, not just compared to you?'


Jones climbed out onto the roof, where Lisa was waiting quietly. It was dark now and the stars were out. He handed her a can of beer.
'Oh, sorry. I'll get some... tomorrow.' Jones said awkwardly.
'You know, I find it awfully sad really.' Opening the can.
'I will get some glasses.'
'Not that.' She smiled and lay down. Jones lay next to her.
'A person can persue a dream, a girl can give it her all. Energy, labour, sweat, tears and... this is where it gets her. A two room apartment and a role in some stupid play.'
'Things take time.' She nodded and they sat there in a few second silence until...
'Can I ask you something?' Jones broke the silence.
'Whos the girl with the camera?' Lisa sat up at this.
'Thats Jane. Why?' She said, not sounding very happy.
'Well, she took my picture, out here. But didn't say a word. It was weird.' He frowned.
'She is weird. You know, I'd be careful if I were you. Once she took a few pictures of me, now she hates me.'
'Hates you? Why?'
'No idea! Except I think she may be slightly insane.'

The End

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