Caught in the actMature

Jones walked through his small apartment, puzzling about what he had heard, a voice, calling, 'A happy bed makes a happy home, Mr. Jones.' It whispered to him. He opened his door and Ma Mabley was standing there, at once Jones noticed what she was wearing, a very short purple dress (it would've looked sexy on Lisa, he thought).

Suddenly, with no warning what-so-ever, (execpt a trying-to-look-sexy look) she kissed him, well, more than kissed, literally biting his face off. Jones pulled away, then thought, What the hey? and "kissed" back.
'I'd have called first if I had that number.' She smiled as she took his overshirt off, still kissing him.
'Get comfortable!' She yelled and tossed him down. He had landed on a bed, the bed he had looked at at Ma's. He would've puzzled over how it got there but he had no time as Ma was on top on him in a flash. She unzipped her dress to reveal a very revealing lace bra, just as a large truck came round the corner of the road outside.

Lisa and her neighbour opened their doors, hearing Ma's screams of delight as she ripped Jones' undershirt. 'Shhh!' Jones didn't want the neighbours to hear, too late. Ma turned over so Jones was ontop of her.
'Rough! Mr. Jones. Just like your daddy was!' She squealed.
Brad from downstairs was halfway up when two burly men rushed past hearing thier mothers screams, not knowing they were from delight, they burst in.
Jones shouted, knowing they would pummle him for this.
Ma shouted, her sons seeing her having sex with a boy, even younger than themselves.
The boys shouted, seeing thier mother doing this.

Jones bolted upright from his sleep.

The End

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