Jones sat on his large case and waited for the woman to come back, she had gone into her apartment next to Jones'. He could hear her come in.
'Now then. Here we go.' Jones felt her putting some sort of glasses on him.
'Sunglasses. Help your eyes.' She said, seeing his puzzled expression.
'I'm Lisa, by the way. And you can keep them. Call it a housewarming gift.' She did a wierd sort of chuckle, like a giggle but not.
'Jones. Hi.' Jones introduced himself. 'Thank you.' She walked out but she turned back when Jones said,
'I'd ask you to stay.'
'I'd ask where would I sit?' She replied indicating the sparse room. Jones shuffled along on his case and patted next to him.
'I think its a much too soon for that. Don't you?' She pouted and walked out.
Jones looked round at the room thinking when was his furniture coming.

(sorry, short chapter)

The End

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