2b or not 2bMature

Jones walked back to his new apartment quickly. Before he crossed the road to the house, he saw a little blue car rolling along then coming to an aprupt halt just outside the house. The woman from the shop got out, sighed and slammed her door behind her. Jones watched her intently. She was about to walk into the large house, oh yes, she lives there too, thought Jones. Then she turned to look at Jones, who waved at her. She waved back, puzzled, did she know this boy?
As she walked in keeping an eye on Jones, she locked the door behind herself. Jones was coming in. Oh Shit! she thought to herself. Jones stepped up to the door, and unlocked it with his key. He pushed through. She moved away from the door and digged around in her red bag for something, Jones soon found out what she had got out: Pepper Spray, Extra Strength.
'Think you can mess with me, you little bastard!' She squealed as she sprayed Jones. He fell to the floor quickly, slipping over the cans of beer he dropped.
That was when the man who lived in the first apartment came out...with a gun. Pointing it at Jones he said to the woman,
'Hi Jane.'
'Hi Brad.' She said back. He turned to Jones.
'Now what've we got here? Eh? A stalker?' He peered menacingly at Jones, who was still blinded by the pepper spray.
'Asshole tried to attack me.' Jane said to the man.
'Bad Boy! Think I should shoot him?'
'No. I'll do it.' Jones thought she was joking although there was no hint of joke in her voice. As she said it another girl came down, even though Jones' vision was blurred he could still make out her blonde hair, she stayed at the top of the stairs.
'I live here you lunatics!' He said to them. The man put away his gun, stole a couple of beers and went back inside his flat. He came back out a minute later.
'Now, listen, Hot stuff. Are you 2b or not 2b?'
'Yes yes! I am 2b, I just moved here!' Jones couldn't believe how they were treating him.
As Brad went into his apartment again, Jones saw the woman, but now she had a camera with her, a fairly old one by the looks of it. She put it up to her eye and took a picture of Jones. Jones couldn't work out why she took his picture while he was in pain, never mind he thought. She ran upstairs as the blonde woman came down. She helped Jones up, his still being on the floor.
'I saw the whole thing.' She said, helping collect his beers that had fallen out thier case.
'It was a mistake.' Jones said, still blind.
'Don't be so sure.' She said as she lead him upstairs.

The End

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