Waking up on a small bench in the middle of a deserted park is never a good thing.

Jones remembered what he had done the day before and sighed loudly. He streched as he saw the page of the newspaper, the apartment he had decieded to buy, there was a phone number to call if anyone wanted it.
Five minutes later you could find Jones in a red phone box, speaking to a kindly woman.
'So, when can I come round to see it?' Jones asked her.
'Now... Or tomorrows fine.' She said slowly.
'Oh, no! Nows fine.' Jones needed to buy an apartment and this looked like the type of place he wanted to be, near enough to walk and far away from his mother.
'Oh. Ok then.' She hung up.
Jones started walking quickly, dragging his case.

He arrived not fifteen minutes later. The building at the address had four apartments inside: 1a 2a 2b and 2c. 1a being on the ground floor and the rest being on the second and top floor. Jones would be looking at 2b.
The front door of the building was open, so in he went. Going up the stairs pulling his trunk with much difficulty, he heard singing, he headed towards it.

He found a small apartment with its door open and a black woman inside. Singing beauitfully, she mopped. Jones just listened to her for a moment.
'Thats very pretty ma'am.' He said to her. The lady jumped a bit, she didn't realise Jones standing there.
'Oh, thank you.' She inspected Jones. 'Aren't you a little young to be renting an apartment?' Jones answered quickly.
'No, ma'am, Im a legitimate border.' She nodded curiously.
'Whats that behind you?' She had noticed his case.
'Just my things.'
'You know, most people like to see the place before they rent it.' She was serious, but Jones couldn't have just left his stuff outside.
'Ok.' He inspected the apartment, not too carefully.
Turning on the tap, nothing came out, looking at the one piece of furniture, a cupboard for clothes, the window lead to a lovely space on the roof. So you could sit and talk forever.

He took it.

Standing with the lady outside at her car, he drew a cheque while she told him,
'There are two white girls living upstairs, a white man has the first floor.' Jones took this in considering the first part.
'I'm sure you'll be just fine here, Jones.' She gathered her cheque and got in her small car. Giving Jones the key she said,
'What is this?' Indicating the cheque.
Jones leaned in through the open window.
'My rent cheque?' He didn't understand why she had asked him about it.
'Twelve-thousand dollars?' She held it up.
'Well, that was the figure on the lease.' Jones pointed out, she stared at him speechlessly, wondering how such a young boy could have so much money. He answered her question.
'Its my grandfathers money. Or was anyway.' He looked down. 'He went to college here and the will said I had to come here too.' She still stared at him. 'And I didn't want to go to Texas.' He added.
'Whats in Texas?' She snapped out of her daze.
'Just my mother.'

The End

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