Skinheads and ChavsMature

After the dragging speech, Jones collected his case and thought about what his room would be like, what his roommate would be like and if he had to be of a certain type to be friends with him...

He did.

Jones entered the small room using his key he had got from the lady, when he had collected his case. He looked round, no one was in there, maybe he was all on his own. Then as Jones sat on the lower bed of the bunk beds, a mean looking skinhead came in.
He stared at Jones for what seemed like hours.
'Wheres your big brother?' Was the first thing he said to Jones.
Jones looked at him puzzled.
'I don't have one.' He said, watching as the skinhead walked across the smelly room to a record player.
'Aren't you a little too kiddie like to be in college?' Jones could tell he wasn't going to be a nice roommate. This was when he realised he didn't actually know why he was there. He didn't really want to be there, nor did he need to be, he knew what he would do in the future if he couldn't find mindless work: Find his real father, who would definatly (in Jones' mind) inspire Jones to be something.
'Now, listen, kid. I play music. You don't like it, you can leave.' He indicated to the door.
Jones got up and said, 'Thank you. I will leave actually.' Leaving the skinhead looking very oddly at him.

So walking away from the school with his case he was starting to like the idea of dropping out. He could find an apartment somewhere close by.
Crossing the road absentmindidly a car screeched to a halt in front of a shocked Jones.
A chav leaned out the window and yelled to Jones.
'Oi! Whacha doin' there kiddie? You bit too young int ya to be in college?'
'Yeah!' His girlfriend leaned out the window too and spat at Jones. The two people in the car started kissing a bit too passionatly, Jones walked quickly on, pulling his trunk.

He found an old man in the park next to the college, reading a newspaper on a green bench.
Jones sat next to the man,
'Excuse me, sir? Could I please have that newspaper?' Jones asked in his sweetest little boy voice. The man sighed and gave him the newspaper. Jones smiled through gritted teeth. The man walked away.
Jones spent hours looking for a suitible apartment in the housing section. Finally he found one.

The End

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