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I mean no copyright offence.
This is a story of Jones Dylan. In my way.
He drops out of college and meets Jane and Lisa in his new flat. Which one will he go for?
BTW I have not read the book and only seen the film like 5 times

Dragging his large case behind him, Jones Dylan walked into his new college. He looked around at the walls, nothing much but dirt and slime covered them. He walked for some time, passing rooms, some with no people in and some with a whole class. He peerd in through one of the clouded windows, Geography, a man with grey hair was writing America Our Great Nation, on the blackboard.

Jones walked on, not wanting to see any more. The wheels of his case scratched the grimy floor as he pulled the old thing along. It had been Jones' choice to take it to college, a) to carry his things, b) it was big enough to carry everything and c) his father had given it to him before he left when Jones was three.

A lady with a rotting brown suit met him at the office, she inspected the short boy in front of her.
'Hello! I will be taking your bag. Go into that room over there.' She spoke too enthusiastically as she pointed to a large set of doors. She snatched his bag of him and carried it to her office quickly.
The set of doors she had pointed to were at the end of a long hallway, filled with doors on either side, presumably classes or offices for teachers.

He entered the main hall carefully shutting the door behind him. It stank.
Someone had left a banana peeling on the floor, but thats not what made the room stink, it was the atmosphere. So sad. Like someone had died. Although no one was in there, it felt like all eyes were on him, like late for a funeral.

Rows of chairs filled the dismal room, Jones looked for an almost decent one to sit on, he found one and sat down. He knew that his new classmates would be joining him shortly.
He stared at the banner above the stage in front of him,
it read.

Suddenly a loud bell rang, making Jones jump.
A few seconds later, teenagers quickly filled the wooden chairs. Jones looked round at his classmates. Ugh, he thought. He could see Nerds and Emos mixed in with the "popular" girls and Jocks. Most of the pretty girls kissing guys, probably older than them.
Jones could see a few of the people there looking a bit scared to be there, obviously being freshmen themselves too.

The woman who took Jones' bag got up on the stage and started her speech...

The End

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