No one would

As I guessed, there is always one who plants false hope into the hearts of others, to believe, to believe........ Dammed Fool, to falsify a resolve, to crush, and prove it unworthy, and to hatehatehatehatehatehatehate you...... I hate you.... you don't see another hope, you listen to the right choice in your heart, you can see it tells you there is hope for you but none for me, this is proof that there is a dark corner, one that makes you obey and makes a dark choice in the heart, why... why can you not understand me, why can you not read me.... why? WHY? WHY?!

I knew it, forget me, forget you read me, and maybe you won't remember me up in heaven, as I'd slowly talk to you in your sleep as I became your stalker of death, the one that said.... why.... why.... No faith, as the knife slowly went across the neck of the one who crushed my hope that there was a light.

The End

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