You are right

Am I right, I honestly thought I was the one who had not to care, you do not agree, yet you believe you do, I can see in your eyes, you soul, as you read every word with intent and interest, you read and believe you can understand, how wrong you are.... Maybe, in time, you will, but for now, you are as oblivious to life as is a newborn baby, look upstairs or down, outside, your phonebook, is there someone there?

Good, that proves it, one who can read had one to teach them to read, otherwise they would not be here, a human who has something to live for, to care and caress, is someone who can not even imagine to understand the complexity of these words, these emotions, the ones that survived, my sorrow, my self-awareness, my instinct, maybe in time, you will learn to understand me, maybe to read, as one needs to be taught. But the world, is happy, free, my dream, my only dream....

The End

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