Truth or Fate, Ultimate Turnabout.

What is the meaning of life, is it to survive, to win the game? to love, to die...... Find out your inner voice in the darkness. Oh, my first work too, not fully finished yet.

A Dark, Stormy Night, what is that to one who lives in eternal darkness, move fast, think fast..... kill..... slow......, a sad life, but a liveable one, so, what is one talking about, do you think of me as your friend, a fiend, or misunderstood, why, I don't care what you call me, do not think of me as a being, think of me as a force, think of the dark corner of your bed, the musty pile of nothing, that will soon overwhelm you, like it has I, why am I, why are you?

You see, I suppose this tale, or this adventure, for the enthusiastic, can go different ways, look in your heart, and see fit that there is a voice in your heart that tells you the right decisions, whether you listen to them or not, is in your hands, I have no voice, I have no heart, I have no remorse, why I live, I wish I knew, there was hope for me, in the past, if so, I have no memory of when, or whom, or what, would care for me, walk, live, die, survive, what else is there to think about?

The End

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