The First is Always the Hardest

Katelin stared at the man with what seemed to be flaming daggers. "Go ahead. Unless your afraid." She put so much pronunciuation on the word afraid I was afraid she was going to shoot flames. The man put his hands together and calmly stated: " Fine. I dare you to shoot Michael here in the leg, right where I shot him. And by the way, if you dont do it....You lose something of value. Go ahead." He handed her the gun. Katelin looked at the gun, then at the mans head. She started to aim at me, and whipped around, to face the man. "Not so smart a move, Mr. Killer," she focused dead aim on his forehead. "My dear lady, you may address me as John. And, that wasnt your smartest move." All within 2 seconds, the man pulled out his second gun, and shot her in the abdomen. She crumpled to the floor. "Now, that wont kill you, because I am going to help stop the bleeding. It didnt hit anything, Im sure. Otherwise? you wouldnt even be trying to call for help. So. Who's next?"

The End

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