Time to Play

He made it clear that no one was going to get out. First, he fired a shot, and even though Jess was scared she still approached him. "you think we are afraid of you? YOU THINK WE WILL BACK DOWN????" you could tell she was trying to not sob, to not show defeat. The man spoke, but it was clear his voice was altered for it came out in a deep gravelly tone. "No, I dont. But....if you ever want Michael here to live, you might consider it." He aimed the gun in his left hand towards me.  Jess got up to his face, and I was sure she could feel his breath on her chin. "you dont scare me" she said in a loud whisper. within two seconds he took the gun and whipped her in the stomach. "I should."  She tumbled onto the bed. "Now.... all of you. In a circle, around the rug. If you dont get there in 5 seconds, I call the police and shoot all four of you. Understood?" Everyone nodded their head, too afraid to speak. "Go." Everyone scrambled towards the rug, me dragging myself as fast as I could. "3....4.....5" He scanned the rug. "good. Now i dont have to get bloody...yet."  A smirk spread across his uncovered mouth, and he started. "Katelin, you get the honors of going first. And if you choose truth and lie.....I take off one of your fingers." Katelin choked by a sob, and choose. "Dare."

The End

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