The Blood Of Mystery

I got up and grabbed my pillow, for it was the closest thing to me. I motioned for everyone to stand back, because i didnt know what was going On. "Hello?" I called out to the balcony. I wasnt expecting an answer, but I didnt want to do anything that might end badly. I could hear short, muffled breathes coming from the right side....i thought. I took the pillow and motioned the others to go to the door and get out. They could see by the terror in my eyes I was serious. Jess was the first. She pushed throught the crowd, right to the door. She was tugging furiously on the handle. "It's....." she stopped. She looked around, and mouthed the word 'locked' to me. I gave her a puzzling look. Then I heard it: the soft click a gun makes when its being loaded. My face turned white, and I started to cry.  "Go. I.....I need you. All of you. Just.....and i heard it. the "BANG!" the gun made when it shot, Jess' hopeless pleas of "stay alive" and "not yet!!" but i couldnt do anything.I bleeding profusely from my lower leg, so it wasnt as serious as she made it out to be....but it still hurt. When i was shot, I fell foward, too stunned by the shot to do anything.I turned my head to the right, where the masked shooter stood. He stared down at me, and loaded again. This time, he aimed for my head. I bit my lower lip and waited for my death to put a scar in jess' heart, but....It didnt. The man lowered his gun, and put his finger to his mouth. "shhhhhhh" he looked around. He reached down for his right boot, revealing another pistol. He calmly walked out onto the blacony, in plain sight of my friends. "We are going to play a game."

The End

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