Truth or Dare

4 friends are kinapped and made playTruth or dare for their lives.

The night had a sultry summer scent, and as I leaned out my balcony, I heard my friends inside, laughing up a storm. "Thats SO immature!!" My friend Jess called out. " I'm SO not doing that!!" I had 3 of my best friends over, Because this was the last night before we all went off to our different high schools. It was the last night we had together. "Well, It's not my fault you picked dare!" Ken said. He must've said something pretty bad, because usually Jess is willing to do anything if its a dare. oh, I remember the way Jess parted her hair, so that a little bit covered her eye. the way she used to sit in class and just stare at me, like we were the only people left in that class. How i wish I could stroke her hair the way I used to, to hug her at least once more. I wouldve been able to, if he'd just...nevermind. I'll get to it later.

At that moment, that wonderful moment, all of us were having a great time; Me, (michael)  Jess, Ken and Katelin.  I walked back in the room. "Got room for one more?" I asked, even though I already knew the response. "yehhhhh," Katelin said. She had always seemed a little off.  I threw my shoes out on the balcony and sat down. I looked around, as each of them slowly got a very frightening look on their faces. I turned shoes had blood on them.

The End

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