Truth Be Told

How do you know that people are telling the truth? You look into their eyes. You observe the persons habits. You look beyond...

Sitting in her libary casually reading a book and took small notes. The girl tucked a few of the misplaced strands of hair behind her ear and held the book up for better vision. without taking her eyes of the pages of the book. She started to walk out of the room and into the car waiting for her outside. Once she arrived at her destination she politely thanked the driver and went to her classroom. Inside she silently observed the people around her. their handmovements and small quirks. It was all intriguing. 

She wasn't the type of person to talk alot. No she enjoyed silence with the company of a book or a computer. Life was so much more enjoyable that way. In the school cafeteria she just sat silently eating her homemade sandwish and observing. Thats all she did, read, write and observe. It was rare that she spoke. She didn't really have anything to say so why waste energy on speaking? She simply nodded or shook her head intead. If you where lucky she may even give you a eye or handsignal. 

She was the same at home. Silently in her libary to bedroom she read. Again and again. The same books, And if she got bored? She never did. Because truth be told she enjoyed her life silently. And truth be told she knew that no body else enjoyed it quite as much as she did. Thats the truth that needed to be told.

The End

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