just a poem about speaking truth and telling lies

Truth, it rolls off the tongue,

it falls to the floor,

sometimes it hurts,

sometimes there's no more.

Sometimes it's easier to lie

Truth can be so hard to tell

the lie will come to your mind

but a lie will never end well

A lie will get caught in my heart

the guilt will eat me alive.

but the truth may hurt even more,

an from fear and hurt a lie will rise

Telling truth is what we must do,

but we never do what we must.

we lie to protect ourselves,

even if it's unjust.

A truth can set you free,

from a cage we call a lie.

Though it is hard and hurtfull,

and we feel that we may die.

It's so hard for me to lie but,

others can lie with ease.

lies upon lies to keep them safe,

lies upon lies to please.

So why do we lie?

sometimes for our friends.

sometimes for ourselves.

sometimes to hurt.

sometimes to protect.

A lie that grows and grows can overshadow the truth.

It's hard to stop it when it starts,

it's hard to take back what you said,

But you must, before anyone gets hurt.

The End

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