My heart pounded in my chest like a huge bass drum as soon as the last word of the question was answered. Blood rushed to my head and my vision blurred like looking through a pair of faulty glasses. Seconds passed like hours as I sought out a way to answer the question without ruining everything with her. I began to regret the shots of vodka that were forced upon me earlier in the night. Without the alcohol in my system I might actually be able to think of a reasonable way out of the scenario. If I say the truth, which technically I had to, I could lose her permanently. It was a strange relationship already without throwing that into the blender too. If I told a lie, which was becoming less and less likely with every passing second, people would question the answer and wonder why I had turned a deep crimson. I shot a quick, unseen glare at the person who asked the question, which was very difficult considering it was my turn and all the focus was on me and my beetroot face and blurry, unfocused eyes. What was I meant to say? It's you I like? I can't. I felt like fainting. Probably because of the alcohol. I looked around and saw her wide, deep blue eyes gaze at me and at that moment I was about to say it. My head rose and I sat up straighter. Well, I thought it was straighter at least. Everyone noticed the tension lift in me and a few eyes felt releaved.

YOU CAN'T TELL HER! A fierce shout bellowed from within my head. I sighed, a huge over-exagerated sigh that was much more audible that I would have hoped. I was back to square one. I cursed under my breath at a God i didn't believe in for drawing me that card. Realistically, I was only cursing myself or fate or nothing at all.
'Waaaait, she's here isn't she?' someone said from within the circle.
I froze. My heart redoubling its efforts to give me a heart attack before the question had been answered. People began speculating about who it was, but all I could hear was pounding blood in my ears. I looked up, praying someone would call a break or do something, anything, to stop this. But it was too late. As I looked around the room, looking for an escape, I saw her. She was the only one not speaking. The only one who already knew.

The End

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