Don't you just hate those times...when you've just finished a long exam that...quite frankly you are proud of. You come out the test, feeling glad and smuggle that you did not miss a single question...that you did not even guess an answer. Feeling proud of yourself, you turn to ask your partner how well they did. ask them how well 'they did...and that was the worst mistake of your life. They go on talking about a question that surely did not even seem to exist in the test.
"Errrr...where was that question?" You ask them, hoping they are surely wrong...hoping that they were just kidding.
"Dude, that question was the last know...the seven marks one..." they say, and turn back to have a conversation with a different person in their row. realise. The last question...the most important question...and guess what? You've done it all wrong...
You rushed all the other questions, hoping to spend most of your time doing the last one. You finish it, reread it...perhaps reread again...and then check it...and count how many marks it's going to be worth. You tell yourself that you have done well...and othat you have got all the marks that were supposedly in the test.

Before this dreadful moment- near the end of the lesson when you finally start to read that last question, you have a general idea of what it means. You're about to start it, knowing that it couldn't possibly be wrong... when a classmate of yours finds the courage to put up their hand and ask the teacher what it means and to give an example (though you were going to do it yourself)...they give a a confusing one and the exact opposite of what you were going to write. You on the other hand (being the not so logically smart have a debate of whether you should trust your own instincts - knowing you have read a question similar to it somewhere though what the teacher has said has come to a complete opposite meaning... or whether you should listen to the teacher) however, you decide to take the example from the teacher for the complete opposite meaning, and instead of writing what you were supposed write about something else)...and guess what? At the end, you find out and it goes right to your face.

Though...knowing that they could've given the obvious example...they don't and quite frankly...that's going to be a waste...because soon enough you're going to find yourself worrying about and dreading that day the teacher hands you back your tests.. oh and not to forget- they're going on your report...
So...d'you still want a pat on the back? should've trusted your instincts.

The End

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