Trust the Guardian

James Yhost was the simple type of man who never seemed to get things right.  The cause of this may have been his over-unorganization, his stubbornness, or his knack to procrastinate, but whatever the reason, it just never seemed to occur to James.  Whenever he poured his coffee, he spilled it.  Whenever he opened the closet, hangers fell.  and whenever he opened the window, something fell out.

And that's exactly what happened on Thursday night when Mr. James Evelot Yhost dropped his suitcase out the window.

The suitcase was tangled up in the telephone.

The telephone was strung around the coffee mug.

The coffee mug was containing the coffee.

And the coffee was in the James' mouth.


"Aughhra!" blurted James as the chain of objects pulled him out the window.  "Whoaohaahhh" he managed to scream through a mess of cream, wire, and files, still trying to clutch his coffee mug.

Now James Yhost was the simple man, so he could not afford to buy a house, nor much to feed a mouse, but the one thing that James always kept with him, was a pocketwatch made of tin.  So when James Yhost fell out of his mid-sized 12 story appartment building, he truly believed he was going to die.  But what he fell into didn't suprise him as much as how he landed.


"oomph!" was all he said as he tumbled into the soft and highly comfortable leather La-Z-Boy chair of a library.  "will I ever get to work on time? pah, what's the use, I'll find an excuse anyway."  James stumbled out of the chair and examined the room.

"My, my, it seems I've landed in, wait..." James said as he stared up.  Instead of finding a sewer system leading to his bedroom window, James found a different view.  A plethora of raindrops from a Greek figure that James didn't know was falling onto his forehead.  It seems that there was a leak in a highly skilled fresco painted on the curved ceiling.

"They'll have to fix that, well anywa..."

"Welcome Mr. Yhost." said an almost distant voice.  James turned around, and found himself three inches away from a man, almost twice the size of himself, yet seemingly only half as old.

"We've not been expecting your return until next week, but we'll be ready to accomodate you."

"Whoa there, this must be some mis...hold on, where am I?" said James as he did not recall the outside of his appartment to look like a contemporary library with elaborately drawn paintings.

"I've got a feeling I'm not in Kansas anymore."

"Ha!" the man chuckled, revealing a set of perfectly straight teeth.

"No, Mr. Yhost, we won't need to tell you where you are, you'll be perfectly able to find out where you are yourself. Now come along" he waved.

"What?  That's it?  So I've just fallen out of a building into a library with a man that doesn't know where he is?"

"No Mr. Yhost, you've got it backwards, we don't know where you are.  Now if you'll follow me, I've got something to show you.  I hope that you'll find it quite intriguing."  And as he said this, the strange man seemed to have a twinkle in his eye, a light that would last forever.

The End

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