put my wall back up.Mature

Ashen was woke up from bed and dipped his hands in the bowl of water cleaning his hands after pulling his pants back on. He heard yelling outside and he sat down. "Ah the sound of morning." he said calmly. The sounds of clashing swords and the boom of a Zeft rifle rang through the camp. The wall of his tent blew up in a ashy dust. "Knock knock." The voice of Zap Said. The dust leared out to reveal Zap and Sift. "Thwa holy mother the hell. Well I'll give you a ten for the unique entrance but a fucking zero for the wall you just broke." Ashen yelled. "My name is Zap and this is my brother Sift and we are here to..." Zap said before Ashen cut him off. "You just knocked my wall down. I don't fucking care who you are. Put my fucking WALL BACK UP!" Ashen said. "We are the Tesla brothers and we are here to kill you!" Zap said. "OK that was rude." Ashen said. "And what do you have against us, what possible trick could you have up your sleeve that could beat us?" Sift said arogantly. "Your mother." Ashen said calmly grabbing his whip and oddly shaped blade. "Tuche." Zap said frowning. They just looked at each other for a minuete. Ashen moved first jumping to the left side of his tent. Zap did not hesitate in shooting his gun in that direction. "Nice shot but you missed." Ashen said stepping forward revealing the now dead priestess with a hole in her chest. "Pity" Ashen finished throwing her at them. "Now prepare yourself for my unrivaled wrath he said jumping at them.

The End

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