the peaceful riverMature

That morning Gilshem woke up next to his wife. He caressed her hair and wondered what he would do without her. He got up and walked outside to the river. He placed his hand under the current and watched as the water and broken soil washed over his hands. "It is such a wonder that something like this can do so much damage." He said. "True but with power in the elements comes peace of mind." Manikete said. "He stood up and hugged his wife. With power comes responsibility, true, but is mankind able to handle such responsibility?" He asked. "Of course they are. Do you not notice that Power of the elementals is only passed to a few worthy people. Whether they use it for good or for evil does not matter as long as they know that they have it for a reason." Manikete said. "Maybe so." Gilshem said. He looked up at the plains before him. "We have company coming from the east."

"Everyone on guard they are going to be here soon. If we are defeated here then Wel solders every where will have to fall back and regroup." Gilshem yelled to his solders that were getting into the formations. "Manikete get ready." He said to his wife. "Right." She replied. The second wave of Nolz solders were here.

The End

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