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"Snow in the middle of the season of fire?" Nobless said. "Do you know how this could have happened?" A monk asked. "No i do not the earth did not tell me anything so it might have been something out if the worlds controle." Nobless said. "None the less the only people that can move well in this king of setting would be the ice kingdom so that means that the other armies are at a standstill." Nobless said beginning to scale a mountain. "Nobless i bring news!" A messenger monk yelled to him. "What is it?" Nobless asked. "It is the ice kingdom Galay. They are here. Led by there queen!" He said. "What!" He yelled. "It seems that they are asking for an audience with you." 

Upon reaching the temple there were literally thousands of monks and they were every where. "My queen do we stand guard? Dussel asked. "No drop your weapons and im going in with you." Every one but Dussel dropped there weapons. The queen and Dussel walked into the temple. Dussel looked around and glared at the monks that just seemed to stare at them, monitoring there every move ready to pounce them if they make a single false move. they passed through the inner courtyard and into the center temple. "Stay here Dussel and if i strike twice that means that i need you." She said before entering alone.

"So you are the legendary obsidian god of battle Dussel." A monk behind him said. Dussel was silent. "Hm it is said that who ever you fight is destined to die at your hand but those that survive is blessed with good luck forever. So how about it would you like to tussle?" He asked. "I thought that you were a monk and that monks opposed fighting." Dussel said. "Well it is better to fight than to become a hypocrite by putting on the mask of peace." He said. "Well i have not fought one of you since the academy. Lets do this." Dussel said dropping his weapon.

The End

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