Fragile worlds.Mature

"Sister Else how is Necross doing?" Charlet asked. "It seems to have been tainted through and through. The only way I know how to mend it is by soaking it in the blood of the pure." Else said downhearted. "Well there is another way but....." Charlet paused. "What, what is it sister. Please tell me." Else said. Charlet was quiet. "Sister please tell me." Else said.

"The way she speaks of is the shadow web." Verise said. Else covered the small planet of Necross with her gentle hands. "I will never do something to a planet as fragile as this." She said. "Very well then." Verise said walking away to continue on the web. "Dont worry we do not have to do that but with this war going on it will take a while to purify it. How about some order." Charlet said sprinkling some dust over the planet.

The End

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