Ice and ThunderMature

"So this is the power of the Zeft. Finally a foe worthy of getting out of bed for." Dussel said. He looked down and saw several hundred people holding guns. "See the thing with guns is that they do not make one spit of differance if they are buried under a mountain." He said holding his hand up. "So what the hell do you think he is talking about?" Sift asked. "I don't know but im getting out of here." Sap said. Dussel dropped his hand and explosions riddled the base of the mountain. snow and rock flowed down the side of the mountain burring half of the Zaft force. "Wait is that? Crap that is general Dussel the obsidian. We are all going to die." Sift yelled. "Not if my aim is strait and true." Zap said holding up his weapon. He shot. And missed. "Crap. Retreat every one run away!" Zap said.

"Sir Dussel the enemy is retreating. Shall we pursue?" A commander asked. "No if they are the Zafty then they probably have some kind of tricks up there sleeve all we are here for is to escort the Queen to Gallim fortress so she can talk to the head monk." Dussel said. He lifted his hammer and charged down to talk to the remains of the monks who were still alive.

The End

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