lightning strikeMature

"Hey i need more ammo here." Zap said. "Here." Sift sid throwing him some. "Thanks brother." Zap said over the sound of him blowing the brains out of an galayan monk with his blunder-bus. "So why are we at war?" Sift asked pulling his bayonete out of another. "Simple. We kidnaped a princess, killed her, blamed it on another kingdom, then told that kingdom that another kingdom killed her, sending three kingdoms to war. Then the fourth kingdom just kind of jumped in." Zap laughed. "So in a way it is all our fault." Sift said. "No no no no no it is all our fault." Zap said. "So what about the ice kingdom?" Sift asked. "Here they come." Zap said looking up the mountain. "Oh well we are right fricked now aren't we?" Sift said. "Right in the down under." Sap smiled holding up his gun.

The End

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